Down to New Orleans

by Rodya Crow

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released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Rodya Crow Worcester, Massachusetts

Crow kid is just a trash can creature with a ukulele

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Track Name: Rodya - Dear Evelyn,
Dear Evelyn,
I wrote you a letter that was perfumed with Lavender, Vodka and tears
That ratty old thing was sealed and stamped and left in a cupboard
for years
I found it last night in between volumes of Saffron, Rilke and Yeats.
And the very next morning it was under my arm as I was hit by a freighter crossing the street.
It read;
Dear Evelyn,
You conniving bitch I am up to my tits in your bullshit
I'd give up my life if for one golden night you would rid yourself of it
Dear Evenly!
I'm sorry etcetera let's get back together or at least for old times make a night of it
this letter forever will remain undelivered but there on my own I'll say-
Track Name: Heretic (Scourge Sister)
You broke the rules again
And a million silver girls could not save us from it
All that you regret
Weighs upon you like the sun you wear upon your chest
You broke the rules again
Stacked the cards, rolled the dice, and left me in
The dark again
Do I detect the scent
of a pride and envy fueled hissy fit
I miss you a bit
She's like you in the face and I can't seem to quit
Expecting it
Track Name: 5iveways
Fuck it
Just fuck it all
The world don't need me today, not with the state it's in
Fuck it
Just fuck it all
I'm going down to the river to catch the remaining wind

And even though I can't find you in the dark
Doesn't mean that I won't run with all of my heart

Iron, wand of thunder
And lightning, a wand of ice
Prometheus, with all of his fire
Could not save us from Valhalla's ire

And even though I can't find you in the dark
Doesn't mean that I won't run with all of my heart

To the center of the ocean I have floated
I am surrounded by horrorterrors all drooling and bloated
Perhaps I have been damned
If I alone find respite in land

And though the world evidently has simply gone sideways
That simple fact won't prevent me from waiting for you, waiting for you, waiting for gravity too, gravity too, anarchy entropy slew, entropy slew, physics and reason and sanity sanity sanity sanity sanity sanity sanity sanitysanitysanitysanitysanitysanitysanitysanity-
And even though I can't find you in the dark
Doesn't mean that I won't run with all of my heart
Track Name: Occupy Portland
The velocity of a forward moving object astounded us
If inirtia hits then theoretically we've got this
Though anarchy and practicality are to each other foreign objects
The block blocks and the riot cops just clash and clash and clash

While trapling and building and souting they found us
Behind colored lines of protest signs with car horns they hounded us
"We'll beep for your support but I'm going towork
You're cute when you try just keep on saving us"
We're building a city of sticks
And tarps and stone and spit
We're building a city of hope
And twine and thought and fights and crime

I'm trying to write a political song, but all I've got is-

Hey Ivy you worried me
I'd say quite rightfully
Please call us back
I heard that you're working now
You're back at your dad's house
Hiding from attack
Your bones are rather brittle these days it seems...

On the streets there were madmen
that now shared our beds
The rest of them had had enough
And regarded us with dread
They erected fences and arrested brohters
When did we start dosing each other?
Track Name: A Thousand Thelmas
She was a whiskey baby
Slide trombone playing
Sack of dimes
In the dirty city she's biding her time
Stained and spitting cussing kissing
But when she plays with me I know...
How I love you Lady Thelma!

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein
Tobacco smoke's got these eyes of mine
Lace and leather knives and twine
She's a long drink of champagne woman
How I love you Lady Thelma!

The way you're hips move through the air is obscene
Your lips spew diseased depravity yet prophets worship there
the way you fight just makes my night and the way you scream just makes me keen
How I love you Lady Thelma!

A thousand boys and a thousand girls legs spread apart in deviance
Could not distract me from a single glance of the
Curve of your back
Of your shoulder blades when tense
Of an ankle or a wrist
Clavicle or neck

I'll never have you Lady Thelma
You've been gone a long long time